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What is Dance Too Well

This project is a collaboration between Saskia, three further dance artists, Art in the Park, a group of young people and older people. It explored the benefits of inter generational collaboration and the effects of dance and movement on mental health and well being in a multi cultural dance ecology driven by an exploratory narrative.

The project work with a group of early onset dementia patients and children aged 8-16.

In a series of curated workshops over 12 months with a focus on African and diapsoric styles, an understanding evolved of how a different approach - as embodied in other cultures -can remove perceived barriers to participation. 'I can't dance, I'm too old, it's too expensive, I don't understand those people' are phrases recorded in initial research.

Research from AGE UK describes 'loneliness as the single largest contributing factor to early death' and 'creative, group activities as the most effective counter'. D of E research, posted as a response to its own 'DADA' funding initiative identified that PP children (the most disadvantaged) are least likely to access the arts and we must make sure 'the arts are accessible to every young person'.

The project brought experienced, quality dance practitioners together with those least likely to access them and showcased the results in a digital public forum.

Results were:

Public digital archived performance supported by AiTP festival 2020 to approx 25,000 people over two days...

Research blog and multi platform digital publication explaining process and outcomes...

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